Hubspot's Marketing Grader


I was introduced recently to a great tool for designers and marketeers - Hubspot's 'Marketing Grader'. I was initially a little bit skeptical of it, but after playing around with it I'm now convinced it's one of the most useful 'sense-checkers' for any business when it comes to web design and online marketing.

In a nutshell, the tool looks at your site and your social media profiles and makes a series of simple recommendations that will help you improve your search engine optimisation, content publishing and social media presence. You just enter your website's URL into Marketing Grader, and you get a comprehensive appraisal and to-do list.

All three aspects of your site / social media activity are key to an 'inbound marketing' strategy and Hubspot's Makering Grader is great at helping you find out what you are doing right and giving you tips on how to address any problems it identifies. It's also a good way to check any work that a web designer has done for you recently - you can run your new site through the tool and present your designer with a series of changes that he/she needs to make immediately in order to keep you, the demanding client, happy...

You can check out Marketing Grader here.