Flipboard. And a pile of books.

I'm a huge fan of Flipboard - it's by far my favourite iOS / Android app. It basically lets you take a Twitter or Facebook account, or any RSS feed, and convert it into a gorgeous-looking magazine on your tablet or phone (complete with 'flippable' pages, hence the name). If you use Flipboard to follow the Style Factory Twitter account for example, and I post a bunch of links to articles on there, you get to read a Style Factory magazine which displays all those articles in a rather lovely way. (To really get a good sense of what I'm on about here, I'd suggest checking out this video of a beardy weirdy with hipster glasses demonstrating how Flipboard works on an iPad.)

Anyway, Flipboard just got a lot cooler, because now you can create, curate and share your own magazines within the app. You can add any content to your magazine either by clicking a 'plus' sign beside any Flipboard article, or use a bookmarklet within a web browser to add it. I think this is a jolly good idea and I'm looking forward to creating and sharing scintillating magazines on, oh, I don't know, trains or something. 

For more information about the funky stuff you can now do with Flipboard, I'd check out this Guardian article.


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