Editing Microsoft Office documents in Chrome just got easier

Chrome Extension for editing Microsoft Office documents

A very short post this, but a potentially helpful one for anyone who currently uses Google Apps (in particular, Google Drive) within the Chrome browser. I just wanted to draw your attention to the fact that a new extension for Chrome has been recently released which allows you to edit and save Microsoft Office documents from within the browser.

This is going to be useful, I suspect, for the millions of individuals and businesses that currently store a truckload of files on Google Drive but use Word and Excel to edit them. Now you can just open the file directly from within Chrome, tweak it and save it. Particularly if you don't use the desktop version of Google Drive (which syncs all your files to a local computer, but makes your data more vulnerable), this could save you a LOT of time.

A note of caution however: this extension is really suitable for performing basic edits on documents and spreadsheets - it doesn't compete with the full version of the Microsoft Office products when it comes to advanced editing and desktop publishing features. Nonetheless, it's going to prove very useful for a lot of folks - us at Style Factory included.

You can install the 'Office Editing' Google Chrome extension here.

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