Bigcommerce Next - a quick look

Bigcommerce recently announced a revised version of their popular online store building tool, which they have labelled 'Bigcommerce Next'. I'll be doing a Bigcommerce Next review shortly but for now it's worth pointing out two key improvements that will probably have a big impact on the 'Which store builder should I choose?' debate.

You can now add a blog to a Bigcommerce store

Firstly - and most importantly for me - Bigcommerce have introduced blogging functionality. For me, blogging is one of the best ways - if not the best way - of driving traffic to a site, and up until now, Bigcommerce lagged behind Shopify in offering this important functionality. Posting quality, keyword-rich content regularly is crucial to the success of any site and, if used correctly, Bigcommerce's new blogging functionality will provide a major boost to the traffic levels of their users' stores.

New Bigcommerce templates

Secondly, Bigcommerce have upped their game with regard to the quality of their templates, offering a range of new free, responsive themes that are a definite improvement on their previous offering. These take them away from the slightly '90s' look that was going on and into the 2010s. The new templates on first glance are slick and minimalist and work across the plethora of devices which people are now accessing websites on.

What does this mean for Bigcommerce vs Shopify?

The above two improvements are going to make the whole Bigcommerce vs Shopify debate even more confusing; I've always found that these products were very close in quality, but hitherto Shopify definitely was the better product when it came to blogging and templates. The differences have definitely been minimised now and choosing between the two platforms has just got a lot harder.

Other new features provided in Bigcommerce Next include a new 'marketing wizard'; an improved app store; integration with Stripe; and some new marketing tutorials. I'm hoping to take a look at all those features soon.

Free trial of Bigcommerce Next

You can try Bigcommerce next for free here.

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