Getresponse's new landing page creator

Interesting news from Getresponse, who have launched a new landing page creator tool.

Landing pages are web pages that are generally used specifically for the purpose of capturing leads, and they aren't used half often enough by online marketeers, who often just push people from online ads that they've spent a truckload of money on to a standard website - a place where there is likely to be too much content available to distract visitors from the jolly important task of joining a mailing list. 

I haven't had a play yet, but Getresponse's new tool looks interesting. The key features are:

  • responsive designs - your landing page will work across a variety of devices
  • drag-and-drop form builder 
  • 100+ templates
  • A/B testing
  • ability to publish landing pages on either your domain or Getresponse's

The non-technically minded will be pleased to hear that none of the above requires any coding.

Of the above features, the one that actually interests me the most is the A/B testing (screenshot below). This allows you to compare and contrast variants of your landing page against each other, and plump for the one which is delivering the best results.

Example of A/B testing in Getresponse's Landing Page Creator

I've yet to test it out, This is an interesting new feature from Getresponse, which has the potential to differentiate it strongly from a number of other email marketing solutions. You can find out more about the landing page creator and sign up for a free trial of Getresponse here.

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