Sniply: a must-have tool for content curators

Sniply allows you to take somebody else's content...and add your own call to action to it (click to enlarge this image).

It’s probably fair to say that there are two main approaches to blogging or distributing content online. The first involves creating and publishing your own stuff; the second focuses on content ‘curation’ – locating interesting content and sharing it via your blog (or social media presence) with an interested readership, usually a ‘niche’ one. (A lot of people, of course, use a mixture of the two approaches.)

Recently I came across a tool called Sniply that has the potential to be VERY useful to anybody who takes the ‘content curation’ approach. In a nutshell, it allows you to promote your online presence or place a sign-up form for your mailing list on somebody else’s website. It works as follows:

  1. You create a message and call to action of your choosing.
  2. You enter the link to the content you want to share (for example, an article on a newspaper website or a really funny cat video).
  3. Sniply gives you a ‘’ link that you share instead of the original link, which takes people who click it to a version of the content that you’re sharing – but, and here’s the groovy bit, with your promotional banner placed on top of it.
An example of Sniply in action.

An example of Sniply in action.

Perhaps a better way of explaining Sniply is to show you a screengrab of it in action – above you’ll see an example of a music review that one of my clients, Prescription Music PR, shared using the tool. As the image demonstrates, using Sniply, Prescription generated a link to a Guardian article which contains a nice promotional message and sign-up form at the bottom of the article. (Alternatively, click here to see the live version).

“So what?” I hear you say. “It’s just a slightly glorified pop-up box.”

To which I say: consider the implications of Sniply when you share a piece of viral content with a large social media following. If you’re sharing a really strong piece of content with a decent crowd, the resharing potential is large...meaning that not only is the content shared, but your call-to-action too; as such, you may end up with an awful lot of people looking at your mailing list sign up form every time they watch that cat video. Previously, people would have just seen and shared somebody else’s content and that was the end of the story: by using Sniply, you have converted this content into a promotional opportunity for you and your business. Pretty sneaky, in some respects, but very clever – and very useful.

As the above example illustrates, Sniply allows you to capture data directly from the banners it creates via a simple input box – this can then be hooked up to a service like Getresponse or Aweber via Zapier (or the data downloaded via CSV). If you prefer you can just employ a button that links through to a web page or mailing list form of your choosing.

It’s unusual that I come across an online service that I am an instant fan of: Sniply is an exception and absolutely worth checking out if you share content regularly or are in the business of content marketing. Highly recommended - you can grab a free trial of it here