10 mobile apps that help you run your business better


There are tons of iOS and Android productivity and business mobile apps out there – and I’m always on the lookout for good new ones. To date though, I find myself coming back to ten key apps, which I’ve listed below. These are the ones I use regularly, and which genuinely help me run my business better. Enjoy...

1. Scannable

Scannable is a godsend for anyone who needs to – as the name of the app suggests – scan anything. It turns your phone into a portable scanner, allowing you to quickly scan anything from credit card receipts to full documents. And just as groovily,the app allows you to save your scanned items really quickly to either your camera roll or a range of cloud services like Dropbox or Evernote.

2. Dropbox

If you use Dropbox in your business, the Dropbox mobile app effectively gives you access to your entire network on your phone and allows you to share content with your team no matter where you are. Incredibly simple interface, and an incredibly useful tool.

3. Inky Mail

Inky is by far the best email app I’ve tried. It allows you to sort and group your mail by a wide range of criteria – in fact, it’s the only mobile app I’ve come across that allows you to group by sender, which for me is vital when trying to review and deal with multiple client enquiries. Infinitely better than the Gmail mobile app too, for the record (although if you're a Google Apps user, you will need to have the latter on your phone so that you can change your out-of-office on the go).

4. Evernote

For anyone who takes notes (and I guess that's most of us), Evernote is the app to have on your phone. Jot down thoughts or scan items on the go and have them appear on your desktop computer when you get into the office, or on your tablet when you flop down on the sofa. Very simple, very effective.

5. Chrome

A somewhat obvious choice perhaps, but if you use Google's browser on your desktop then you’ll enjoy having all your bookmarks, history and profiles available to you on the go via the mobile version of Chrome. And it’s a nippy, stable browser too.

6. Skype

Sure, you could use Facetime or Hangouts to do video calls, but the fact is that Skype has been around for donkeys years and a hell of a lot of your business contacts are going to be on it. The Skype mobile app allows you to do business video calls easily wherever you are.

7. Paypal Here

Paypal Here is an app which, in conjunction with a card reader, allows you to accept debit and credit card payments using a mobile device – insanely useful, particularly if you sell at events or markets.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs is a handy little app for accessing and (perhaps more importantly) editing stuff on Google Drive on the move.

9. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn mobile app represents a clean, user-friendly implementation of the popular business social network, which allows you to make new connections, look up potential clients or see what existing ones are up to. 

10. Google Maps

Well, Google Maps gets me to meetings, and nearly on time.