How your website design determines the impact of your message

Website design

In this guest post Splash Copywriters' Matt Press discusses the relationship between the quality of your web design and the success of your message.

A lot of companies and business executives overlook web design when attempting to create the ideal online presence. They're so pre-occupied with selecting the perfect marketing campaigns and ensuring that the e-commerce side of things is set up smoothly, that so long as a website works, it's deemed acceptable and then forgotten about.

However, the truth is that first impressions do matter, and your website is often the first impression you make to your online audience. While your marketing attempts may be the factors that grabs attention, it's your web design that will determine whether or not your visitors turn into customers. Why? The answers are simple:

1. Web design creates credibility
2. Web design establishes emotion
3. Web design magnifies your voice

Web design and credibility

Studies suggest that around 75% of the people online will judge a brand or business immediately based on their website design. If your website looks cheap, shoddy, or simply unprofessional, then your customers are going to associate you with the very same words. On the other hand, if your site is elegant, easy to use, and engaging, it can create an instant connection between you, and your target audience.

The better your web design is, the more credible your website will be. After all, most consumers assume that a company who can afford a well put-together website is less likely to be the front for a scam-artist. Work on ensuring your design conveys that you own a trustworthy, and legitimate business, and you'll do more for your brand than a thousand expensive marketing campaigns.

Web design and emotion

While it's tempting to follow the latest design trends when crafting the aesthetics for your website, it's much more important to think about the way your choice of image, text, and even color might impact your audience on an emotional level. It may sound strange, but the way that you design your website can actually allow you to influence the feelings and thoughts that your customers associate with your brand.

Psychological studies suggest that certain colors evoke particular emotions, which means that if you combine the correct visual effects with the ideal solutions for navigation and user experience, you should be able to create loyal customers in no time. Just make sure that you keep it simple - too much fluff and imagery could distract your audience from your call to action.

Web design and voice

Finally, the language that you use on your website should reinforce the character and personality behind your brand. If you're hoping to portray yourself as a friendly, down-to-earth business for younger customers, then informal text with matching design should convey the perfect impression. Alternatively, if you want to ensure your customers see you as straight-forward and sophisticated, you may need to think about altering your web design to underline a different tone of voice.

In online marketing, success hinges not only on what you say - but how you say it. Your website design gives you a chance to amplify the voice that will appeal best to your target audience. Squander the opportunity at your peril.

Matt Press is an experienced copywriter who has written words for some of the UK’s top brands, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone. He now runs Splash Copywriters and is on a mission to make SEO easy for everyone. You can take his free course here.